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Boxframe Cadillac ('83 DeVille Mix) Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – Boxframe Cadillac ('83 DeVille Mix) Lyrics

[Hook x2 - Z-Ro]
Even if it's raining I'mma still drop the top
That's some other silly shit niggas do when they at the top
Homie we don't give a damn we rolling we ain't tryin' to stop
Most likely we in a foreign but dogging it like it's a Boxframe Cadillac

[Verse 1: Freddie Gibbs]
As I maintain from lane to lane
Whip wetter than a lake on fresh paint
Cutless with candy cane
Niggas run up on the kid and get stained
Mac 90 melted brain
Clique got SS' in every color on everything
Police on my dick so I dip off in a different car
Stick some cutie Kansas I got workers off in Wichita
State to state life behind the mask check the murder rate
Nigga want my chain ain't got the nuts to catch a murder case
Nigga's fake, I got some bodies under this Gucci buckle
Them G.I. mafia family niggas reach out and touch you
All the way from the East Side to Ivanhoe all my niggas made
We ain't sweatin' no drama so catch these hollows or catch a fade
Rolling solo-dolo narcotics, coppers, and bread
Homie so goin' off this dope that I pass the blunt to my dead homie
Uhh, they call me Freddie forgiato fuck that vodka
Cop that henny in a minute we bust a bottle

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Z-Ro]
Today I feel like rolling through the city
So I guess that's what I'm gonna do
Bitch you wanna ride, you gotta be a 20
You betta' if you a 10 then I don't want you
And I want everybody to see me so I ride so slow
Damn right that's what Ro gon' do
44 magnum pack a jacker put a cereal bullet hole on you
I'm knock knock knocking on the truck like Jehovah's witnesses
And I don't even know who bitch this is
But everytime she come up for air she keep sayin'
She wishin' her nigga had a dick this big
Ho you betta' swallow every last
Don't get none of that on my seats
Baby thats a phantom my bad but pussy and titties
And ass can't compete
And there's something about when I drop my top
It's like bustin' a nut
And I wish a mutherfucker run up on me with that bullshit
I'mma beat him up and I won’t spill my cup
Homie I'm running on mayonnaise and mustard
The 610 loop till the interstate
Which one that don't matter add one of them motherfuckers
Cause they can all take us to get the cake
I remember my first car Canary yellow Cutlass
With the brown door to drive by mobile
I was eating and sleeping and living in
I woulda traded a mattress for my mobile
But nowadays when oil change just a couple of stacks
Folks gave me and in the middle of falls gate highs
And in the front big falls gate in the back

[Hook x2]

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