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Tell A Friend Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – Tell A Friend Lyrics

[Freddie Gibbs]
Thug nigga til the end tell a friend bitch
Won't change for no paper plus I been rich
Yeah, shout out to the East New York

[Verse 1 - Freddie Gibbs]
I’ve been on my grind, but the dope price is so high
Put my brother through college off this ski mask shit
Told him while he was in class I’m with smokers lighting up glass dicks
My white girl in the 'burbs she like to shoot up
Escaping the perfect life in the apparent way she grew up
I thought that our only mission on earth was getting our loot up
But in the pursuit of happiness parasites could pollute us
Hard times part time jobs can’t pay my
Gas bill light bill niggas wanna take mine
Life in the streets over gold and chrome feet
Police looking but I'm cooking ducking bullets all week
Got a freak I bag my dope at her apartment
Fight and got hot cause her baby daddy like to start shit
Knowing the whips get spray Mac-11, AK
I’m spittin on your grave ’cause my grand mama raised a thug nigga, bitch

[Hook - Jay-Z]
Thug nigga til the end tell a friend bitch
Won't change for no paper plus I been rich

[Verse 2 - Curren$y]
Lord forgive 'em, he got them dark forces in 'em
Front lawn got Porsches parked in it
On it rimmed it up, this is the business of owners
Lifers, loners, rolling cones on the cover of the rolling stone
Good morning toke up as soon as we woke up, kurb check my low rider
And I spring my spokes up so I’m in the leisure so folk
Sixty lexes on the set of loafers
Smashing all them cockroaches on the corner
Stomp a mud hole in the beach bitch look at me kodak moment
Smoking one for Pimp C send Bun B a tweet
Telling me and Gangsta Gibbs will be in Texas next week
Tell a man with the plants bring a bag to the suite
I got a plan to get this cash homes this lick’ll be sweet
Got a cam in my motor then ran niggas over
To get to that paper I’m sure you friends done told you

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