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On The Road Lyrics

Frank Ciampi – On The Road Lyrics

Been working all day
Walking through my front door and you take it away
All my pain
When blue turns to black
You showed me the light now ill never turn back
Cause you know I can't be alone
With all this pain

Woo hoo, your singing a song
Woo hoo, I'm singing along
Cause your always gonna be my girl
Woo hoo, you're spinning around
Woo hoo, I'm down on the ground
Cause your always gonna be my girl
Yea your always gonna be my girl

Are you home, there's no one here we're all alone
Although I try, your eyes are my grey sky
I really ought to
Tell you bout
How things have changed day in day out
Your face is dry, its time to say goodbye
I really ought to go

Take me back to Georgia
Cause I know you can
Take me back to heaven
Cause I know that you can

Take you for a walk lets go to the beach
Marriage and a baby not out of our reach
You're saying we're young and moneys to tight
So Anna don't forget to write

Send in the tanks
Send in the clowns
You know it's over honey
Just sing out loud

On the road
Travel with the big top
I don't know if
We'll be fine
If sally's sailing off this time
Everybody's dreaming of a place to
Run and hide
Finding other work
But baby I don't mind
Lets Pack these bags
With sample soap and circus mags
I think we ought to go'

You know we shouldn't have to die
So many feelings left inside to hide,
But ill be holding my head up high
So many pages left unturned
So many lessons left unlearned tonight but ill be holding my head up high
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