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Madeline Maybe Lyrics

Frank Ciampi – Madeline Maybe Lyrics

Madeline maybe could you run to the store
I'd be quicker if you use the back door
And don't return to fast
Take my wallet and use the rest of my'
Hello dear I didn't know you'd be home
Though I'm happy just to hear your voice
Been sitting around all day
Folding close and getting some shut eye
Are you asking me about that shirt?
You sure you never bought before?
Don't you think that's out of line?
Who the hell is Madeline?

Sweet baby you know that I care
There's no other girl I swear
Right as she's hugging me
A knockin' on the door just who could it be
My Madeline

Driving out west to where the sunshine's warm
Counting nothing shouldn't take that long
At least our love is true
Am I happy that it's you and me? Well'
I think its time to find a place to crash
My eyes are giving out with the sun
Been moving real far away
Do I miss her yet I can't say?
Take the keys the room is five two one
I'll meet you in a minute or two
Do you think that's out of line?
Cause now I'm runnin' from Madeline

Sweet baby you know I can't stay
There just nothing left to say
Even though you're right in front of me
I need my loving wife so desperately'
My Madeline
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