Hey Jimmy, where did we go?
Remember where we started?
It seems a million miles from here
I thought you had the road map
Tucked underneath your hat but
The only thing you had was Eminem' s and beer

Jimmy there' s No Doubt
You did the best that you could do
I know when I go there will be nothing but Blue Mondays
But I' m certain we both know
We could never stay together

Hey Jimmy I don' t blame you
You tried to warn me from The Start
-you' d never had a girl like me before
You know I love U2 but
That' s all we have in common
A love cannot survive on kisses and Limp promises

Jimmy there' s No Doubt
No one could ever take your place
I know when I go I' m gonna' miss your Big Dumb Face
But I' m certain it' s for sure
We don' t belong together

Please don' t Drag On this Eve of our sorrow
Please don' t be Cold You know I Will Love You
You know I Will Love You...

Jimmy there' s No Doubt
We did the best that we could do
And I know letting go will leave a Hole inside my heart
But a sad Unwritten Law
Said we could not stay together
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Jimmy Lyrics

Fisher – Jimmy Lyrics