Hey Jimmy, where did we go?
Remember where we started?
It seems a million miles from here
I thought you had the road map
Tucked underneath your hat but
The only thing you had was Eminem’s and beer

Jimmy there’s No Doubt
You did the best that you could do
I know when I go there will be nothing but Blue Mondays
But I’m certain we both know
We could never stay together

Hey Jimmy I don’t blame you
You tried to warn me from The Start
-you’d never had a girl like me before
You know I love U2 but
That’s all we have in common
A love cannot survive on kisses and Limp promises

Jimmy there’s No Doubt
No one could ever take your place
I know when I go I’m gonna’ miss your Big Dumb Face
But I’m certain it’s for sure
We don’t belong together

Please don’t Drag On this Eve of our sorrow
Please don’t be Cold You know I Will Love You
You know I Will Love You…

Jimmy there’s No Doubt
We did the best that we could do
And I know letting go will leave a Hole inside my heart
But a sad Unwritten Law
Said we could not stay together
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Jimmy Lyrics

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