The Days So Long.
I'm just walking by myself.
My Hands in my pocket and I see your face everywhere I look.
This time going around.
I Promise to you.
Your my world, my life, my everything.
I'm still wearing our Promise Ring.

When I Hear The Thunder.
It Makes Me Wonder.
The Power Of The Lightnings trying To Make ME Stronger.
But Baby, I don't wanna be over.
I Want You Much Closer, but I think Your Getting Farther.

I Tried To Chase My Dreams.
Your stuck in the line.
You know how to turn it on.
Though, I'm scared to admit.
I Can still taste the kiss on my lips.
Your love is so contagious.
Why are you leaving today?
I want you to know.


I Gave You everything.
My heart is broken.
I should have kept my words unspoken.
I told the truth.
You repay by giving me up.
But you will never see the other side of me.
So Please, baby, Please just leave me!

So here's the thunder.
And I don't care.
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Thunder Lyrics

First To Know – Thunder Lyrics

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