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How Does It Feel Lyrics

First To Know – How Does It Feel Lyrics

What would happen if the world would fall apart?
What would happen if you had a true heart?
What would it feel like to know someone cares?
Or to think someones out there to catch you in the end.

How does it feel to be the only one feeling this pain?
Knowing nobody can take it from you.
How does it feel to be captured inside a secret wall?
Nobody to run to, hold on to, and save you from the storm.
I know how it feels.

My dad don't pay attention.
Momas too tired to talk.
My brothers are moving away.
I bet nobody cares if I stay.
My friends act like I'm invisable.
But underneath it all I'm invincable.
Except it feels like the world's against me. I only have the power to be me.
But I don't know who I am anymore.


So I hear I'm a mistaken child.
Never knew right or wrong.
Nobody does a damn thing for me.
Learned it on my own.
I'm just the girl who's ability can drive you crazy.
So why don't you tell me!
How it feels to be out of reality.
How does it feel knowing I'm gone?
Never again will I travel this broken road I'm on.
So bring on the pain!
I'm used to everyone around giving it to me.
So whisper in my ear.
Tell me I'm the lozer y'all don't wanna hear.
I'm telling you I'm done here.
Don't bother to worry where I go.
I'm gonna leave so I don't have to worry bout what you think nomore!

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