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Walkin' Thru My Hood Lyrics

Fat Trel – Walkin' Thru My Hood Lyrics

Walkin' thru my hood, I see killas (I see killas killin')
Yellow tape, I see dead bodies (I see dead bodies)
Kitchen full of zombies and junkies. (Kitchen full of zombies and junkies)
Stripper bitches, countin' my money. (Let's get it!)
I'm drinkin' lean and smokin' weed
My killers toting AK's
(Let's get it! x7)

[Verse 1]
Walkin' Thru The Hood, I Saw Yo Mama.(There Go Yo Mama)
Suckin' Dick And Beggin' For Money. (The Fuh)
Two Years Ago Yo Mama Was A Worker, (That Is Her)
But At This Present Time Yo Mama's A Junkie. (Squad)
She Meet And Smoke This [?]
I'm Kind Of Nervous, My Trap Hot It's To Junkie (Trap Hot)
I Promise, My Daughter Not Gone Work For Nothing. (She Not)
Got My Mama Worried I got Glocks and them dumpin' (Boop Boop Boop Boop Boop Boop)
And I Can't Wait For My Little Brother To Free The Slammer (Free The Slammer)
He A, Driller, Killer, Arm And Hammer (Arm And Hammer)
Detective Says, Somebody Made A Statement (The Fuh)
But The Way My Killers Feelin' Won't Matter


[Verse 2]
Walkin Thru My Hood, I See Murda. (I See Murda)
Yellow Tape, Body Bags Chalkin'
He was never listen what he talkin'
He was just another dead man walkin'
Yesterday I Prayed Over Your Coffin
I Was Hesitant, Cause We Don't Do This Often ( We Don't Do This Often)
No Witness's, Can't Leave Nobody Talkin'
After I Drop A Body, Then It's Back To Ballin' (Back To Ballin')
My New Bitch Just Told Me I'm A Lunatic
Droppin' Bodies Like I [?] Shit Is Ludicrous (It's Ridiculous)
My New Bitch Just Told Me I Was Loco (You's An Idiot)
Like El Chapo In Miami, I'm With Othro. (YOLO)

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