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Gleesh Made It Lyrics

Fat Trel – Gleesh Made It Lyrics

She told me she's working on stadium on microphone
Bitch stay handle some shit and I see why you working to fuego
But we are mayeyo, with mention that I kill that to pay for
Cut out the smoke and flexing with ice with my house I collect and see how they go
My bottle was black and my drink it was pinky
You thinking to drinking, you thinking to drinking
My whistle is the label, I pp it, I drop it
Thinking to least it,
I fuck you, I leave you, you pussy, you keep it, you take it, you save it
Why can't you say? Nigga you say it
I just hope that you make all the pay when I make the babe
You fly with you lady, I fly with the bakes,
You probably just fly in Atlanta, I fly out the hate
I just got all the phone of my mother like nigga we made
And you just say I just saw you on tv, that shit was amazing
And I say I know that already
My phone going crazy
I'll be sneaking and getting, that heaven is here so release it trace
They fucking famous, I'm fucking their faces
She stripping and bagging, I strip you at night, I don't want no relationship
And I saw you that pussy that you talk and that shit was amazing
You niggas not build for the winning my nigga
We try out the basement
My dog come from calley, I die in their face
So much money you own me you gonna die if you taking
And she gotta come to tell and popping for popping
And she gonna feel like she got goon nigga maley
And she say I know that already that maley go crazy
We questing on maleys and build with some dollars
Like bitch come and take
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