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Dear Momma Lyrics

Fat Trel – Dear Momma Lyrics

Aye, mom, bet you know I luv you tho, right?
Turn my mic up a lil bit, this some real shit up here

Yuh, nobody eva gave my mama shit
And everything I got my mama work to get
I can remember my mama counting on them counterfeits
And getting cheese and other shit that she needed from the government
They tried to tell me mama ain’t a soldier
Tried to work her to death, she stressing make her upset
She gonna collect checks when it’s all ova
I had a dream she was on the stove
She broke the cold, remember? Dinner was froze, my nigga
They tried to tell me mama ain’t a soldier
Sleeping in the cold, told the world what I owe to my niggas

[Verse 1]
And high times was the best times
Especially when you work hard for the check line
Remember patiently waiting till it was my time
And now you readin’ my articles in the hot times
Yeah, and neva worry mama, I’m fine
You know a nigga neva stuck across the gun line
I know you happy ain’t runnin’ from the one times
Cause now they tellin’ deejay run it back one time
Yeah, I’m only hopping for the sunshine
Range Rovers to drop tops in summer times
Cold nigga, new Porsche on the front porch
I made my dream come true, momma, here’s yours


[Verse 2]
Look, sometimes I really miss the rough times
Skippin’ class, double up on the lunch line
No food, no lights, only tough times
And ’em UUV’s, ducking, lunching one time
Yeah, and neva worry, momma, I’m fine
It all started when I signed on the dotted line
You know it’s stake with the lobster at lunch time
And every time you see me it become the coma time
Yeah, and that’s ok, momma, I made a check, it’s pose be comin’ anyday, momma
I’m still your son, no matter what police’ll say, momma
Long as I’m living, everything will be ok, momma
And that’s real shit


Lord, there’s just one thing _____(?)
The hurt and pain or the strife
She worked the day and worked the nights
So I put it down on my life
They tried to tell me mama ain’t a soldier
They tried to tell me mama ain’t a soldier
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