I got the 944
I got the 3-day stubble
I got my foot to the floor, to the floor
I got the smile
Been flashing it for awhile
My jaw's starting to get tired, to get tired

It's nothing personal, dog
But if you're out for a jog
You'd best look out for the plates
That say God

I'm the type of guy that can't throw very far but
You can trust me
You can trust me
I'm the type of guy that likes to shoot for the stars
And baby
If you love me
Then you'll trust me

I got the friends in Dubai
I got the place in Hawaii
I got the decadent style
It's the style
An expensive cigarette
A twenty year old brunette
A dog you'd better not pet
Yeah you bet
My life is pretty extreme
It's not easy as it seems
Just walk a day in my shoes
In your dreams


You won't believe my flat
You can quote me on that
I got an elevator and an endangered cat
We'll do a couple of lines
You'll have a splendid time

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Trust Me Lyrics

Eve 6 – Trust Me Lyrics