High iq, loaded dad
Private schools, brand new Jag
The future is so bright, you're wearing shades inside
You feel lost, don't know why
Hallmark ads make you cry
All these expectations crowd your mind at night
Now you're looking to the world to save you
Feel internally unique
Brother, I hardly blame you
For falling asleep

Tear up your certificates
And throw them to the sea
Let's reclaim our innocence
And live in harmony
We can leave the past behind
And make a brand new start
Walk out of this lion's den
Before we're torn apart

Pretty face, long brown hair
Slender waist, how they stare
A ring around your finger
And a pain inside
You feel lost, don't know where
He goes at night, but he's not there
You stay up and remind yourself that life's not fair
'Cause you thought he was the one to save you
But he's really nothing like your dad
Sister, I can hardly blame you
For feeling mad


The sun goes down around us
We smile at naught, but we walk alone
We lie here waiting for the ancient fear
To loosen it's hold


Before we're torn apart
Before we're torn apart
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Lion's Den Lyrics

Eve 6 – Lion's Den Lyrics