Miffed and betrayed
She gave so you took away
Your shit don't stink
Well I beg to differ
And I will show you the way
To kneel down and kiss the earth

This mind, these signs
Accumulating visions, dark feudal decisions
Impugn all these words
Empty in nature that bleed just the same

I'm sick of fucking pussyfooting around what I really want to do
I shit you not I'll fuck you up because after all cocks are meant for

All I feel, all I know
She gave to me
Held in her arms
I'm proud of her
I'll stand by her side
You don't see what she means
Endures through all never to fall
But I know

This blackened fur beneath the woolly covered skin
Will not stay sheltered for much longer
Exposed something quite amiss will free the flock
Because I know...

That I'll stick my fucking foot so far up your ass you'll tie my shoes with
Your teeth

I've stricken the match
Encouraged the flame
Dissolving the right
To coincide sane
I'm breathing the secret
Now physically manned
These cardinal colors
Portraying all we'll sow

All I feel, all I know
I'm proud of her
I'll stand by her side
Fuck what you'll take
Your stuck in my wake
You fucking touch her I swear to god I'll end you

May this black please fade away
So the cardinal colors will soak in and stay
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Glaive Lyrics

Etched In Red – Glaive Lyrics