Devoured now invading crimson strings
As genes evolve from this to knowledge king
At first the faces start to haze
As thoughts create this labyrinth maze
The envelope of reality now folds
As we invest in einstein to find the kind of mind
That sees all possibilities
And angels move the stars above
What once was far now nearly shoves
Me down, I cannot wake up from this dream

Over, under, below, between

Senses, in surplus
I'm feeling so alive
Senses awakened, enhancing my mind

Energy now filling the vow
I made myself when accepting this journey
Energy now controlling somehow
My adolescent mind expanding
I've been given a glimpse at broadened horizons
That only prove how small we think
Trapping ourselves row by row in this kennel of life

Freezing but sweating, I'm spinning but motionless
Seeing with blinded eyes
I can't tell what's real from lies

The body's dead but lay in flight

I'll hold all that I've seen so very close
And know that we'll grow to much more
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L.E.D Lyrics

Etched In Red – L.E.D Lyrics