As I saw the whore {From Babylon} whispering her perverted lust,
All those impotent priests are running to Samaria's hills.
Oooohh my apocalyptic hatred pull down these false allied for the highest
Of my tremendous being.
As the empty skies are turning into a slaughtery poisoned fog.
The dark one summons the destruction of thy holy kingdom...
No more light nor hope on earth by now just apocalyptic freedom. By my home

Racing the apocalypse manifesto
Open wide the gates of hell!

Nooo! You christian assholes you will never survive to our father wrath not
A weak as you are all of you will be a part of this reign.... Sabbitical
Mayhem, apocalyptic rites our feast will be forever done as the millenium
Black bells chime for satan's return.
Kingdom falls and other ones are raising in his eternal glorification.
Satan manifesto will gather us, his worthy followers, all his hordes
Numereous as the sand of the seven seas to finally unleash the so long
Awaited holocaust.......

[Lead: nornagest]

Under the banner of the flaming cross, the dark one summons the infernal
For the destruction of jehovah's creation:
As the wooden croos percutted the skull of god your so > lord
Darkness powerful storm,
Hatred as I am are devastating the field of Samaria.

Racing the apocalypse manifesto
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The Apocalypse Manifesto Lyrics

Enthroned – The Apocalypse Manifesto Lyrics