I've distorted my flesh... I've open my veins. The twisted joy of my acts
Are exalting my sense.
For tonight I meet my father satan...
Shall I stop or shall I purchase??? Kiss me deeply my blade!!!
For Shall I weep but before my arms full of blood I shall distort my penis
And open thy legs oh!!
My bride gave me my new born messiah son for I must burn him now, should I
Wait a bit more...

Burn!!! Baby Burn!!!
Burn!!! Baby Burn!!!
[lead by nornagest]
Burn!!! Baby Burn!!!
Wrapped in fire!!!!

Now the almighty hellfire unleashed upon mankind, the new born holy sons
Will be consumed alive
Into a black coffin, and all humanity shall fade away... Alea jecta est ad
Limina apostolorum...
Ashes of the world, dust of holy angels fade on the light forever...
Mors ultima ratio lex, est quo notamus ad majorem satanae gloriam... Burn!!!!!!!
I can feel the hatred, the fire burns inside my heart
Incinerated bodies, that burning smell excite me so much... Burn!!!

There's not enough humans to satisfy my pyrodesires, kiss me deeply my
Blade. For I Shall weep
But before I go my arms full of blood.
I shall burn!!!!!!

Wrapped in fire... Wrapped in fire... Wrapped in fire...

[repeat chorus]

Alea jecta... Ad majorem satanae gloriam...
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Wrapped In Fire Lyrics

Enthroned – Wrapped In Fire Lyrics