Thinking about the way he smiles
He really seems to knock me off my feet
I know it's only been a while
He feels as though he's put a spell on me

Maybe it's a dream so I don't dare wake up
Cause he's the only thing I am thinking of
So I keep saying


Johnny come lately, he 's a new kid in town
And I 'll be thinking maybe I should put a little Johnny down
You might think it's crazy but ever since he came around
Me and Johnny lately, it's all that I can think about

Thinking about the way he walks
I feel my knees get weak when he passes by
It's something about the way talks
I find it hard to speak when he says hi
Crazy as it seems I just can't get enough
Cause he's the only thing i thinking of
So i keep saying


There's a paper moon in the velvet sky
And the stars shine bright when i am looking in your eyes
I know it's late so i must be asleep
I don't wanna wake up cause i know you won't be with me

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Johnny Come Lately Lyrics

Emilia – Johnny Come Lately Lyrics