(This is to all you ladies out there
Sufferin from A broken heart
This it for you)

A heart can break so easily
Friendship is forever
We'll stick together as one
'Cause we'll show them just what
We can

And he'll never, never, never
Treat you better anyway
Wipe away your big tears
The boy is just not worth it
Listen to what I have to say:

Will never be the same
{Will never be the same}
If you take control
I tell you girl
Will never be the same
{Will never be the same}
If you rule your world
And then you'll feel that
You'll make it better on your own

A friend is there beside you
To share your ups and downs
Call me up when you need
And I'll make you
Forget that cloud
And I'll always, always
Keep you smiling if I can
Let's go out together
And have some fun tonight
Listen to what I have to say


Trust your heart and swear
That you'll always be proud
I'm telling you once again
That you are P. Are. E. T. T. Y.
And don't believe anything else
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Life Lyrics

Emilia – Life Lyrics