Render you unstoppable
Take the red lights from which we arose
Let 'em slide into your nervous system
Broil down, melting into bone marrow
Let it glow more relentlessly than fresh wheels
At R. Kelly night at the skate rink
And since you got the juice now
Pour back in a fruit rines
String 'em to trees
And stand wide-eyed as the unspoken gets fermented
When you'll be labeled powerless, unfit, unworthy
Hood dirt, too black, white, damage, change confused
Exhaling humid fumeless breath and shade for the winds and you not normal
But when you be labeled, explode in it
Cough up homeless firewords
Hold them arpeggios close and extract pride off broken train track
When flashbacks bust lip open and you've got beef
And heated heart rate refined
Stumbling over shards of memory
Roaches and cereal bowls, snow storms
Let it be known your bullets breed benevolence
Your aim is clear, you alchemist of archetype
Your hiccups be autograph
Counter to mismanaged history
You return to us
Reminiscent on tomorrow
When you were a miracle
And yesterday, when become legend
When you were born before you were conceived
And interrupted it all
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The Turning Point Lyrics

Elzhi – The Turning Point Lyrics