Just leave me alone, damn
Every day I'm trying to dodge a rain drop
Until I'm drained or when the pain stop
It came around when I train hop
With my chain popped
When I was cuffed by a train cop I missed a main opportunity
Back when all I had was my mom to raise a spoon at me and
Couldn't call my dad cuz there were no more days of unity
It came to my community
Showed up at my doorstep
With a bunch of problems and more kept
Coming every week
It was a heavy leak
Hourly above, my head
But instead I wish it showered me with love
It was there when my moms passed
When they cut my Comcast
When I witnessed the crime last
And on the day of prom
Even at the playground when I was getting teased
Which is why I never sit and think of quitting hitting trees
I be up nights, why?
It was really ever white eyed
It was in the way too much for me to see a bright side
And still I wonder, would it ever strike me down?
Cuz it most likely sound like it just want to steal my thunder

All it do is rain rain
Rain rain on me
So I try to maintain and keep the same brain
Wishing I could leave it all behind
On a train, plane, automobile
But I ought to know the water gon' spill
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Cloud Lyrics

Elzhi – Cloud Lyrics