Roll up another joint
One more time to clear my head
And I'll get right to the point,
I better star feelin better or I'm better off dead,

Put some ice in a dixie cup,
Pass the whiskey over here
Take that joint and fire it up,
And if there ain't no whiskey pass the beer,

I got just about two dollars but I know someone with five,
I got fifty cents on gas if you agree to drive,
We can head on down to the liquor store find somethin to cure our ills,
If whiskey won't do it then cheap wine surely will,

I stumble in to the liquor store
With a dollar-fifty for a bottle of wine,
I know just what I'm lookin for
Thunderbird will do just fine


Repeat Bridge:
Repeat Verse 3
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Thunderbird Will Do Just Fine Lyrics

Eleven Hundred Springs – Thunderbird Will Do Just Fine Lyrics