All this talkin' round in circles hasn't got us anywhere,
We've been travellin down this road so long that we don't even care,
I cut the palm of my hand and the blood comes tricklin' down,
You stand there in disbelief and you don't make a sound,
I turn and try to reach and pull the knife out from my back,
While you take the opportunity to stage your next attack,
I just can't win for losin in this game.

Remember back in the day when we were friends,
If you follow where the money goes you can see where it ends,
And now you want to talk about respect and loyalty,
I never thought that money'd get the best of you and me,
You're countin beans in the corner and you still don't make a sound,
While I'm givin mine away hopin they'll come back around,
I still can't win for losin' just the same

No one can say,
Who is right who is wrong,
It's just the way it's been done for so long,
Rich man gets richer,
While the poor stays the same,
Can't win for losin in this game
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Can't Win For Losing Lyrics

Eleven Hundred Springs – Can't Win For Losing Lyrics