Theresa's eyes were like the sun
To match her golden hair
Her cheeks flushed and her breath froze
In the cold helsinki air
Our souls aren't always visible
By the colors that we wear
Carla's eyes were like a night
Of mystery and ink
She bore the scars of love
Beneath the cover of her drink
Little did she know
Of love's inseparable link

and they'd never known each other
Their lives went separate ways
Born of different mothers
Several continents away
But the moment that they crossed
Their souls would intertwine
Never to be broken
Over continents of time

theresa knew her father
As the man she never knew
He left her to a music box
On a dresser in her room
She tried to reconcile
His face with many rainy afternoons
Carla knew her father
For all of seven years
He left her and her mother
One hot summer in tangiers
And with it all a box
That became music to her ears


carla and theresa
Would meet through circumstance
Bow is not important
If by fate or if by chance
But eyes met tears flowed
And tumbled down like rain
When they realized between these eyes
They bore one fathers name

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Continents Of Time Lyrics

Eddie From Ohio – Continents Of Time Lyrics