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One For The Show Lyrics

Echolyn – One For The Show Lyrics

We wade in and out, this span is but a blink
Slow to step but real sure to move on
And on and on
Slow to step but sure

I see my old grays are all now black and white
The fence that I sat on could only be wrong or right
Wrong or right
All my grays are black and white

I always thought I knew me best
All my turns were drivable
But as I see my life before me I am exposed
Accounting what's accountable

As the world shakes it on down
Some learn to dance and others just drown
I can see that now, see it now
The world will shake you down

It all comes back in waves
Every scrap of thought in detail
Every second of every day is so familiar
It seems like only yesterday

Rode around the block on two wheels for the first time
Played tag in the dark and stayed up all night
Saw lightening bugs and sparklers dance madly in the
Felt so young I could jump the moon

It's all before me now
I'm the one, I'm the one, I am the one for the show

We ride the flow of momentum we make
We rise to fall and fall to rise
Slow to step, slow to step
We ride the flow we wake

I built in the sand
Stole my first kiss
Was king of the hill
Rode my bike with no hands

One for the all the money
One for the show
One to get ready
And one to go

Paid with a coin
From my polyester pocket
Threw the slug
Back into the gutter
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