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21 Lyrics

Echolyn – 21 Lyrics

I was glad to be 21, Immortal, unharnessed, inspired
I was a veteran beach kisser in a green trench coat
Tuned in and wired, turned on and

Alive for the moment and charging to the future
Aiming for the marrow, the essence, the cure
Reading between the lines of conformity
I saw so much more

I think I've still got it
That determination, that penchant for maturity
I think I know more now
Someone showed me how to slow down and enjoy my life

I was glad to be 21, in the legal part of my life
A seasoned street walker in black leather garb
Tuned out but alive, turned off and...

Aware of everything but nothing at all
You should see all the medals I wear
Each pin has a story I'd like to tell
But my memories aren't for sale

It's hard to keep that credo flowing
When you've finally realized it's all been done before
But you see, futile is the only word to feed and fuel an optimist
I'm a realist breaching reality, a reason with a rhyme
I'm still trying to break these limitations
Daring to be different, like I did at 21

It's not about wild oats
Only sow what you'll wear
Only wear what you believe in
Or the fabric will tear

Do you still love with a passion?
Can you feel it burning and alive?
It's a positive force so embrace it
It's a gift we all have inside
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