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Project Building Lyrics

E-40 – Project Building Lyrics

We don’t give a fuck what ya feelin (what ya feelin)
European car no ceilin, gettin it makin a killin (makin a killin)
Made a quarter million out dis project buildin (project buildin)[x2]

[Verse 1:]
A baby Syria, Kuwait
Hanarum drums that look jus like a curled up snake
Chances are, you won’t survive if you fake
They make yo car look like a milk crate
Bla-ba-bla-ba-bla, ke-ke-ke-ke-ke-ke
In New York they got subways, out here we got bark
Out here they knock you down in front of Walmart
Its thow, these youngstas crazy
Born in da 90’s thousands, chemical babies
Some about they allowance, some ain’t about shit
Catch you off size, outta bounds, an put the gun at yo leg
In d projects, in d flat lands, an d inner city
It’s drug infested an gritty, polluted, shitty, pissy
Rob they kin folk for a brick, turn on em like a pit
Beat a homey up cause they say snitch


[Verse 2:]
I keep it coming filtrating in the gucci car
My gus got chop sticks like a sushi bar
All these your babies say damn how cute you are
I say fuck you bitches but she say how rude you are
I’m in this project cut trying sell me some
I hope my caliplow tryna mail me some
Maybe a brick maybe some pills or a bell or summ’n
I need this brick cologne on cause i reek of money
I got a gold toothbrush, brush my teeth with money
I’m in the project with the will i have a hunny
In the colors, engine running, only god can judge mi
Is the land of dictation ain't open for discussion
Remember 1994 it was hella ugly
Fourteen years old found fellascrubmi
Christmas can't even get shit so i readjusted
You eva told on ma nigga you can't tell mi nuttin
Its Gucci


[Verse 3:]
Workin on ma project window (project window)
Am breaking everything down in the trap slow (trap slow)
Smoking on that kush from California (OG
Im cooling in the bay with the grower (with the grower)
If you dont have respect in the projects(in the projects)
Then you can never come to the projects(the brick)
You need money and power or you gettin stretch (stretch)
I get the A1 bricks from Cali then they gettin stretch (Forty)
I just left Colombia now am back in di hood (in di hood)
For lil miss go to Cali and my plug good (city)
And we dont have no problems in our projects(no)
Its a whole lot of foreigners in our project (foreigns)
We got bentley coops and raris in di partments(rar)
Black amigos runs game from the from the projects(mi amar)
Quarter million dollars every week profit (come on)
The hold zone sees Atlanta on the high shit (lets go)

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