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Shit Like That Lyrics

E-40 – Shit Like That Lyrics

These hoes on me just like the tats on my arm
Keep playing around I got big old straps, yeah I'm armed
Yeah, yeah this shit be crazy, give it to me

These hoes on me just like the tats on my arm
Keep playing around I got big old straps, yeah I'm armed
You chip the ice I got big old rocks on my charm
And I'm pulling in up with ya bitch don’t be alarmed
I got blow and shit like that, I got racks and shit like that
I got lean, weed, nigga I pull that pad shit like that
My bitch gone but I'mma get me a bad bitch back
And shit like that
Keep playing around I'mma go a head and run with this sack
And shit like that

[Verse 1]
I got 'dro and shit like that
I tote Max and shit like that
Rolls Royce pull up riding round in them backs, shit like that
I’m in the cool as hell, I’m the the strip club
I got racks and shit like that
Am 'bout to stand out and show the bitch how we going a act shit like that
Me and 40 in the back of this Benz yo we going smash yo friends
Cardias all in my Leanas now I’m in the Jag with the twins
I got 24's under these motherfucking two seater
All the ice on and I’m riding round yeah bitch I got two heaters
I’mma turn up, turn up, can’t even turn down though
Wait, I’mma a roll up, roll up I'mma smoke one now hoe
Fruit juice my car, we shoot like stars
Nigga say you wanna 12, 20 Gs for the bar (it's 'dro)


[Verse 2]
[E - 40]
50 on my wrist 80 on my neck partner I’m set (you set?)
Hoes see my saucy ass whip and they yelling he wet (he wet?)
Got a line on a boat and shit like that
Tote a 4-4 spit your Kool-aid pack
I’mma let you shoot the dice and I’mma side bet
Play the field to collect and shit like that
I'm from the Hillside trap where they spit that crack
Get your chain snatched, I can get it back
Hood respect shit like that
I don’t wear skinny jeans cause it can’t fit my strap
Can’t fit my strap, can’t fit my strap
But I can flip that pack like an acrobat
And I won’t step on it like a doormat
Give me 30 minutes I’ll bring more back
??? game sick make her open her leg man I put I bitch on back page
Make me proud gal I’m your PayPal money ground green dot
Sock it to my pocket like a rocket pay the piper bitch
...bitch, bitch make me rich
Hundred dollars bills when I go shit
Sit on the shitter with extendo clip
With a Swish' on my lip, on the phone with your bitch bitch


[Verse 3]
Ugh packets of the meat no fat won’t see no cat I ride foreign
I got big old rats from a bitch I met she be whorin'
I’m from the street baby I'mma eat regardless of what I’m doing
My brother John Terrell Davis I’m a ???
Smoke killa, my nigga now hear that pack
I kill em in the winter hit em in the denim jackets
Onyx, the pin-ups on the kit going catch
Her moms still talking about that ghetto sex
On spokes, now play that back
Hold up the bitch I don’t play like that
I’mma player nigga get like that
I’mma boss and that’s some shit like that
And Molly I done put that back take too much to get up and get right back
My partner told me that one for me and not that greed and I'mma 'bout to get on X
Holy moly, my shit on flex goldy goldy I’m a big old mess
In the Bay with 40 before they smokin big old threats
Getting money, hoes and shit like that


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