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Nascar Lyrics

Duwap Kaine – Nascar Lyrics

Skrrt. Skrrt, Skrrt

I go fast like a nascar, pull up with a fast car
Pull off in a Jaguar, disappear like Casper
A1 trapper, my Uzi shoot faster
You know imma blast em, my gang be my backup
Niggas need to back up, need to get they racks up
You know I'm a mascot, diamonds like Alaska
Choppas with bananas, finesse I'm a master
Bricks in Indiana, I just got my cash up (boom)
High sellin' never last, feel like I'm in Neverland
I just made another stack, I just made another band
My pockets so heavy, I can't hold up my pants
Choppas and pistols and rugers are coming for friends
Pull up in a foreign, and the symbol is a fucking horse
Pull up to the scene, pull up in a motherfuckin' Porsche
Hoes on my dick, cause I think I'm Patrick Star
Niggas want a job cause they know I'm a star
Bullets catch his body, I know he ain't going far (boom)
Pull up to the cut and they know who we are
I need molly in my body, I be totin' on the shotty
In the crib with a thottie, cause she give me sloppy toppy
I do what I wanna I'ma smoke this marijuana
Y'all don't really want no drama but I'm still smoking this Ganja
I'ma pull up in a Hummer and my wrist look like the summer
Keys to my car, I don't need that
Hating on me bitch I don't need yo feedback

I don't need yo feedback
(I don't need yo feedback)
I'm rolling out three flex
(I'm rolling out three flex)
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