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[Intro] x2
It ain't heavy, ? Chevy, pimp talk to this
C-walk to this, d-walk to this

[Verse 1]
Now if I start this verse, throw all my W's up
You know my birthplace
Westcoast the first place, where Funk got his first taste
Elements in the truck to make the dirt quake, and earth shake
And plaid bottom-ups from top to bottom like a church day
My taylors, chuck taylors, fat laces for that chuck space
Turn ? high on that Ducktape
And I mean high, chucking dueces for goodbyes
Someone tote the purple, but for this I don't rely
Because the guy is naturally flyer then promotional ads
Puff an L and let emotions just pass
And so it's like, highs and goodbyes, as I'm running through these lines
Like strings in the eyes of my chucks that I tied
To make a tight grip around the hips of my girl ?
Remember back in the 90's, yeah that dookey-braided diva
And I ain't from this planet, I don't think that she is either
Two-seater mothership, take us to a new arena
A habitat for creatures with an appetite to eat up any beat
Regurgitate and repeat, tires screech
Now you duckin' from the drive-by
Don't be surprised if I start buckin' from the right side
Take a breath, chest rise, this for the westside

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