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Lambo, Pt. 2 Lyrics

DUCKWRTH – Lambo, Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
In your Lamborghini
I just pulled up on the scene
You find yourself a model
From the hills of Beverley
She wanna call you baby
Plotting on your dividends
Swimming in her deep end
Shallow to the very end


[Verse 2]
You like that shallow type
You like that Lamborghini
I just want Topanga let me teach you Mr Feeney
Boy that boy so clean if that's the dirt then I’m the [?]
Stay up in that car wash wash my tire till it's squeaky
Doing donuts on the track, all you hear is [?]
They just be like 'run that back’ like [neutral?] you see me
I just wanna see you back it up, now back it
Girl, you thick and you intelligent (God damn)
Now that's attractive
Throw Hydraulics on that 67, we Cadillacin'
Throw some [?] on them [?] wheels, you know that's habit
Everybody wants a Lamborghini, that (Lambo)
But if that girl is seen [?] it's more likely a fashion (What you crashing?)
Into the wall, so 911 you call
Emergency to surgery and watch that lifeline fall
Girl you carry so much baggage, call up that u-haul
And if you looking to drop that off then pass my boulevard

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