You don't tell me
That I'm wrong
These secret meetings
Cannot go on
You don't fool me
Don't you see
Filled with envy
Consumed by greed
Your pride has taken me
What was always
For you and I
I have caught you
In demented eyes
Nothing changes
It's all the same
A different story
The same game
Your pride has taken me
Now it's over
Done for good
Because of you
It's understood
Now once again
This is me at the end
The only one who gave a shit
Your only friend
Unchanged by you
I believe that in you
The only thing that I could do is fucking kill you
Is it really sane
That I feel this way
And all that you can say
Is 'I don't know what to say'
And all that I can do
And explain that the reason that I left is cause your pride has taken me
Your pride has taken me
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Pride Lyrics

Dry Kill Logic – Pride Lyrics