So now once again
You pretend to me my friend
Together til the end
What you broke will never mend
You lies, I cry, hidden in your eyes
Every time I try it's the same 'Why? '
Don't I do, enough for you?
One more time and we are through
How I felt I wish you knew
These games will always end up the same
It's at you I point the blame

Now I see the light

If all the times that I did something wrong
I could give up and be strong
Your punishment would me long
And painful, make it something meaningful
You want redemption in my eyes
Sounds like the same old shit to me
Can't do something right you see
But every time I do something wrong I repent to be the ugly
You must be kidding if you think I care
Bring it on bitch
If you dare

Now I see the light

So what the fuck is this?
And what the fuck was that?
Why does it not matter what I say
Feel the need to attack
Say all the thing that you feel
Do you think I really give a shit
It aint a big deal to me
You must see, that everything you're trying to trying to trying to
Doesn't affect me
All I did was fuck you when you saw love
I thank you
Now I see the light

Now I see the light
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Now I See The Light Lyrics

Dry Kill Logic – Now I See The Light Lyrics