You must think that I'm as dumb as you
Cause once again you play the fool
Your outright denial of your conversation
While putting everyone in this situation
You try so hard to be accepted
A little too hard, now it's affected
This is all the world that you have created
To rush you right out 'till I can, I can
I can't do anything
Misery loves company it must be true
Cause no one I know bitches as much as you
All of your psychodramatic, your bullshit lies
Past comes as no surprise
Cause it's the sad sort of pity that I feel
And as every day goes by, it only gets more real
I'm surprised that he has not exploded
Through you and me
You did try to pull again
I can't do anything
You dumb bitch
Now that it's on my terms
I've been here long enough and I've heard
You're stupid and now I'm over you
What with my life it's mighty fine to you
See you later chump, now you take care
You drop me too, annihalate where you turn
Now I'm old enough yes you're seeing it
Now get on my good side because you know now
I can't do anything
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What Lyrics

Dry Kill Logic – What Lyrics