To fight all the fears in your life.
That something has to be done.
To make them see you're here!
To give birth to what you stand.
You will have to learn,
More than once or twice.
That chance can help you too!
You will have to fight,
Hard for your rights,
Yes believe it too!


Cards were all dealt,
On the day I was born,
And I choose, the ones
To go on and on...

Winning, Falling,
It's like, when you roll the dice,
Winning, Falling,
It can happens to your life,
When you roll the dice!

I can hear the calling of destinity,
Even tough I will face the
You have to make more than one
If you really want,
To breack the ice,
Sometimes you'll have to ask
"What is the meaning of my inner
Self? "
Some people will say:
"You're a fool !"
But sometime the hazard, Can
Make you rule!

Lines were all traced
On the palm of my hand,?
And I follow the ones
To go on...


The goals that you made in your
Sometimes it's the price you have to


Sands are all falling,
On the hourglass,
And I ride the ones
To go on and on...

You rollthe dice
You roll the dice!
You win you loose!
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Roll The Dice Lyrics

Dream Child – Roll The Dice Lyrics