Can you save my soul a little while ?
Your words and sins will cure it
If you just try.
Can you be the guardian of my flame ?
Don't ever let it be apeased by the rain.
I am an angel
Who's burned his wings staying too close to hell

Can you help me find my way back to myself
Sometimes I feel I'm lost inside someone else.
Can you bring back colors into my world ?
You're like the rainbow in the winter's cold.

I am an angel
Who cannot seem to be in phase with heaven

Teach how to fly again,
My wings are trapped inside my brain.
You're the one who ease my pain
You can help me fly again.

Take me to your own universe,
And put an end to this curse.

Thee used to be a time
When I could reach the stars at the speed of light
But like Icarus, I've been too close, too soon,
To a burning sun...

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Fly Again Lyrics

Dream Child – Fly Again Lyrics