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I Could Never Lyrics

Drakeo The Ruler – I Could Never Lyrics

[Verse 1: Slimmy B]
I don't fuck with niggas like a redneck
Catch an opp slippin', flip his wig like a Tech Deck
This funk shit, I bring it to your door like Fed Ex
And talkin' dumb'll get your ass popped like a Xanax
Big forty, that'll knock a nigga soul out him
If I'm on my ass then for sure I know my bros got me
Knock a nigga down, if they ask, I don't know 'bout it
These Balenciagas, lil nigga these ain't Foamposites
Fifty on the chop, yeah I gave that bitch a tune-up
You better keep your boo tucked before you get your boo fucked
Slide on an opp and give one fuck, two fucks
Glock twenty-three, clip hangin' like two nuts
And we buck first, nigga we don't buck back
Tone with the shred will lay you down like where them bucks at?
Four shots to the dome, two where his lungs at
Forty hold ten? what the fuck, where that drum at?
Hatin' on you dumb hoes like Cascade
You broke niggas young money like Mack Maine
Rich shit, Gucci box for the ash tray
My shooter keep a stick and with the shit like his ass stank
Get around they bros, niggas want to act tough now
See me gettin' cheese and these bitches wanna fuck now
Arm start crampin', niggas had to put the pump down
Size ten Timb boot, niggas gettin' stomped out bitch
White buffs on, bitch these Cartiers
All these bands a nigga get, I wouldn't call it fair
Stay out my closet, lil nigga might get lost in there
And this chopper turn your whip into a rocking chair
Young nigga with these bands, got the streets talkin'
Diamonds on my neck dancin', C walkin'
Chopper make a nigga bounce, call that leap froggin'
Bitch I'm a dog and to these hoes I'ma keep doggin'

[Verse 2: Yhung T.O.]
And she know I'm on, let my niggas bone, yeah yeah
I would never cuff at all, we could never fuck with y'all, yeah yeah
Bitch I go the juice like Hi-C
Dark tints on my face, don't eye me
She give all head like an ID
Beat a nigga ass like I'm Ali
I don't fuck with these niggas, you know that
Slimmy got that chop, he gon' blow that
Wish a nigga would, bet he won't
Like a bad bitch with must, niggas don't want the funk
Send ten shots through a nigga whip like a car lot
One shot, hit a nigga chest, make his heart stop
Hate a used bitch like a whip from a car lot
Don't trust these niggas that'll turn like a doorknob
Got money on my mind now, a nigga don't waste time baby
I'ma get it out the way
I know these niggas ain't tough, I done really had enough
Shoeboxes I don't fuck with the bank, nah nigga
I'll never hesitate, I'll never turn fake
I'll never shake a fuck nigga's hand, I'll never, I'll never
Say she wanna bust, nigga I'll never
Fuck with a broke bitch that ain't got no cheddar

[Verse 3: Drakeo the Ruler]
I could never be you, everything's with a tool
These Margiela my shoes, that's a GLE coupe
Yes I bust down my jewels, almost flunked out of school
What's engraved on my dash, ain't no way I'ma lose
All eight up in the Fanta, what the fuck is a deuce?
We with all eye busters, I Am Mr. Mosley 2
Don't test the gang right now, we ain't got nothin' to lose
Why these nigga always tellin'? why you lyin' about a felony?
Know these niggas all jokesters, know they friends with Bill Bellamy
I'm all about my green, broccoli, and my celery
They hate how I do this, I'm a nuisance, the Ruler
Passin' cash out, I'm Mr. Big Bank Budda
Uchie uchie, you know I get those
Bald head Caillou's fallin' all on my denim
In the county you get pulled like a wisdom tooth, it's the truth
The violence that'll get at you, my guidance what I spill at you, ugh
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