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Take It How U Want Lyrics

Drakeo The Ruler – Take It How U Want Lyrics

I'm a nightmare, don't fight fair, but we ain't come for that
Look my face is covered in blues, what's that, a hundred stacks?
Lightning, brightening, frightening, my wrist a thundercat
Bop me, top me, slop me, can I come home to that?
Poured a five, I'm gone, let Mister Mosely rap
Grimy, shiesty, sniper, he went culdesacs
Margiela, Maison sweater, can't get two old for that
Get crucified, the Ruler, know where my throne is at
Own me, owe me, clone me, but you can't do this here
In V's with Bathing Ape, 'cause I ain't new to this
Big banc uchie for sure, this ain't a crucifix
Ugh, she show mud, they know just who it is
I am Mister Mosely, got niggas shootin' kids
I really don't condone it, my life of Judases
Snakey, snakey, snakey, send fire through the pits
My hitman treacherous, Bino, he known for shootin' kids
ISIS, crisis, for a hundred I could call him in
He crazy, sprayin' me 'fore he even get to say I'm in
Never say never but I ain't never tryna see the pen
Fix your face, you mad but I just came to win
Could never build a label when niggas is showin' favoritism
And watch your mouth or what's gon' happen, you know just what it is
Stinky stinky chinky, homewrecker to the kids
Drakeo calm down for what? shit these niggas vicious
Say it to my face, these niggas be sneak dissin'
Maison Margielas the same as my Beretta
Grab a shoe and wear it, these niggas be Cinderellas
Made it thunderstorm, blew your umbrellas, who do it better?
Sheesh, tell these niggas shut they fuckin' mouths
The grinch just stole Christmas, Easter, and another pouch
What you want? I body bag opponents
Niggas got that crooked face bitch but Drakeo put you on it

Mister Mosely, damn take it how you want it, bitch
Ten chains on bitch, my neck hurt, shit, ugh
It's regular
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