Homage to Mama and Papa Akasha
The primary substance of all creation
Who breathe the holy breath
On the womb of righteousness
Gave birth and rise to all nations
But mankind has lost its faith
And fell from grace
Broke its covenant
Gave up the inheritance
To counsel with the beast
Of darkness and deception
Intoxicate its meditation
With the wine of perversion and violence
Repent I say
Oh wicked Babylon
Or swallow this fire and be silent

Chariot of fire, chariot of free
Form a halo of free
Around the throne of fire
And chant to the Irator
Mama and Papa
Upon the throne of fire

Homage to all righteous sages
Prophets, saints and martyrs
For the sake of righteousness
So many were crucified
So many were slaughtered
A prophet head
They put in a saucer
Righteous Zacharias
Was beheaded at the altar
In Rastafari righteousness
I will not falter
Arise and bear witness
All servants of Jah


On the unshakeable foundation
Of righteousness is where I stand
Wisdom, knowledge and to overstand
The light of Rastafari
Dispels all darkness
Seek the highest consciousness
Do your work with mastery
And discover your brightness

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Throne Of Fire Lyrics

Donovan Tracey – Throne Of Fire Lyrics