Hear the Pokoman chant
Do the Pokoman dance
Pokomania Rastaman
Chant the Pokoman chant
Do the Pokoman dance
Pokomania love vibration
Eruption for all the nation

Oh the Pokoman is a great Olympian
That ran the marathon
Transcend from an ancient land
Bearing the torch of liberty
Equal rights and justice
Fundamentality of all humanity


Voice of the voiceless
Defender of the truth
Protector of the innocent
Nurturer of the youths
Come to break all the shackles
And set captives free
And unite the family of humanity


Yourhman pull up your pants
Buckle your belts
Lace up your boots and come
See the rising of the sun
There is work to be done
Hungry to be fed
Lines to be led
Women and children
To be nurtured and comforted
I'm calling on the troops
And all battalions
Cross the line in the sand
And embrace your brother man
Forgive and be forgiven
Is the anthem of the millennium

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Pokomania Chanting Lyrics

Donovan Tracey – Pokomania Chanting Lyrics