One mc, one delay lyrics


One mc and one delay
We rock the party with no dj
One mc and one delay
Who rock the party with no dj?

Verse 1

I ain't afraid of dying cause I'm a laser lion
And better days arrive upon a maze of blind men
Marching on an amazing high, they give me
Nine-eight hey's when I raise a five

Razor fine, cutting edge, on occasion I
Might light up in the backroom raising eyes
And their brows, how's that-a-make your crazy ties
Spin around your red necks when I plagiarize

Blaze a fire from your mouth, keep the place alive
Shatter batteries, effects, and a case of wine
Okay so fine, you're mr. Big man on the bass line
If you play so fine, have a taste of mine

I'm like a trapped criminal, face the crime
My track's a little more evasive
I'm a complacent mind in the place of trying
You can find me in the right place and time

Verse 2

No I'm not content, I could have rocked a tent
Full of fans, hock the pen, pull up my pants
And go panting: oxygen
Not a damn thing green on my side, hop the fence

Cause I got the necessary documents
A good word from all the former occupants
Of the house, but not before I locked 'em in
With a mouse, ate the key, my compliments are free

But it will cost you confidence, to be an optimist
Can take an optic lens bigger than canada
Granted a lot depends on skill
Off the bend to an awkward end of will

Is where the recommended walk begins
'til reason might freeze, turn talk to sense
And if I never write a thesis? Doctorates?
Pfffft! I'll write a rhyme and go talk to heads...
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One Mc, One Delay Lyrics

Don Johnson Big Band – One Mc, One Delay Lyrics