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Jah Jah Blow Job Lyrics

Don Johnson Big Band – Jah Jah Blow Job Lyrics

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Head first into the fire,
See me cursing the entire world
I fire bullets out the mouth into a tire wall
Empires fall, others rise even higher, warfare
Is there to keep you scared in despair,
More care
Is needed, I feed it in your system with a needle
Never clean it, breath in words when you read them
On a page, and engage with the rage, I proceeded
To write ^em on the walls and the call's not impeded
See them people with most are rarely opposed to having more
Frequently those who gleefully toast a famine or
Contaminated water are the ones who really haven't fought a
Moment, can't afford another man across the border
Order order in the courtroom! Caught up in a cartoon
Moving toward a war, and the slaughter ^bout to start soon
All the people rise up before the record ends
Forgive-ah-me, jah bless, why I best make amends

Well it's a jah jah blow job
It's a jah jah blow job
Need to find your way back to the
Jah jah blow job [x3]

Close up the border, declare a state of alert
I'll take your president for hostage with a pen, it's gonna hurt
And make him sit down at a table, lock his ankles to the chair
Listen to him screaming for his bitch tony where?
Sounds fair, now the picture getting clearer by the minute
Smack a pen upon a table, dial a call to the senate
When it rings, four times, there's an answer
Outline my demands, give ^em a name, it's ^the dancer^
Here's a collection of treaties you will sign
If you don't, you're running out of time
What you complain about? So they work a little harder
For the same amount, it's fair trade, not a grain of doubt
We keep the money up north and move the labour south
And never let it bother me when pulling my new trainers out
Cause you see it doesn't make it more certain
The world's biggest killers operate behind a curtain
Suffering loud, suffering quiet, tougher than iron
An eye for an eye and I keep seeing more terror
So the world turns ever on its axis
One man struggles while another one relaxes
We need a leader with the voice of horace andy
Singing on the balkans, the pyrenees and andies
No professor, not a doctor, not a preacher, not a politician, not a schoolteacher
But people hear him in the city and the country
All them want is music, and the music make ^em run free

We will kill your leaders and bring you democracy
Can't appreciate it?
Is it hard to see
We only want what is best for your people
Benevolent sequel, it only might seem cruel
When paratroopers who've been shooting down like
Hell from above, regroup and start looting for fun
Run to village after village, pillaging without aim
And gain advantage, the damage will outweigh
The nerve of going to war against the will of the world
Turn on the television, see them kill another little girl
Was she a military target? Collateral damage?
Killed by a missile in the city market
Now it's darker overhead than it's ever been
Severing the world body from the head, endeavouring
On a crusade for hussein and who's sane and who's not?
I swear, these cruise missiles are all aimed at the top
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