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Sundace Kids Lyrics

Domo Genesis – Sundace Kids Lyrics


[Verse 1: Domo Genesis]
Take ten, then ya reach for ya gun
Leave a nigga laying out to leak in the sun
I can't, be a bitch about a G on the run
Wanted in 50 cities for depletin' they funds
Bitch i'm an outlaw
Swing right hand, southpaw
Blaze fire to the ceiling make they house fall
Paranoid so whenever I'm in doubt, draw
I'm getting money muthafucka what about y'all?
Raw from the womb, the tomb
Under the moon for your saloon with goons
Bitch, we making it rain, a monsoon platoon
Steady bringing the pain, my next dues at noon, fully loaded!
Swear that imma bring it to whoever really want it
Done with these beginners nigga, show me my opponent, and
Please know we smoking weed all day
Haters want a nigga DOA
I'm getting money nigga

[Hook: Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis]
Naaaaaaa naaaaaaaa naaaaaaa naaa naaaaa naaa na
Imma outlaw
I got everybody plottin' on my downfall
Naaaa naa naaaaa naaa naaa naaaa naaaa
Imma make you hate me 'till you love me
Young nigga gettin' to the money, UH!

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
Im an outlaw, you better know who we are (we are)
Killas that's who we are (that's who we are)
Make him take a visit to the D.R. (Hm? Yeahhh)
Aim and squeeze an AR-16 bar
Can't find me on the radar
I'm off it in a beam-off
I'll choke you like a mean cough
Don't consider me a boss
Nigga I am the boss
He tried to front I took his shines, then he ran D. Moss
Flunkin' ass niggas just coated can-dy straws
Park her like a sea saw
Come around my block and give my niggas cut your feet off
Hodgy Beats!
He at the beach gettin' beat off
That's because a nigga hot chilly sauce, you weak sauce
Fully Loaded!
My guns is tired, sweatin' tombs of fire
Feedin penalties of death like Dennis McGuire
I'm gettin' Even Steven on you Lizzy McGuires


Any man that doesn't want to cooperate, i'll make him wish he hadn't been born

[Verse 3: Domo Genesis]
I'm seein' red like it's February
Bringin' fire to you yellow bellies
Actin' rowdy, but you hella scary
Talkin loudest, but you never ready
Niggas [?], yeah i'm gettin' paid
Every motion set yo whole shit ablaze, ya ho amazed
I'm coastal with these oceanic waves, ya so [?]
Well behave when I come through the set
Or you could press ya luck and play a game of Russian Roulette
Young nigga run the money, yeah I come for the check
Comin' up, but I ain't close to gettin' comfortable yet
Drugs, Money, and Sex
The Wild West, we about all
Word up to Pac, i'm an Outlaw

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