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Wanderer Lyrics

Domo Genesis – Wanderer Lyrics

I can see the world in your eyes
That's what I told the mirror man, this world full of lies
I'm just starting to see it clearer now
My experiences has grown to make me feel this now
Starting to lose all the doubt I had inside of my spirit now
Maybe I'm dying for this life
All this madness in hindsight is inspiring what I write
Maybe I'm just a fly, getting blinded by this light
Renew my new song like
'Cause I can finally buy the price
Maybe quittin', I would hate to say
For the times it wasn't there we had to make a way
Struggle gave me dreams that never take away
Maybe it's a dream that I'm in day to day (loosely living life)
Or maybe I'm just faded, man, ay

Maybe I'm loopy
Maybe I'm stupid
Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe I'm going out my mind
Loosely living life
Maybe I'm loco
Maybe I don't know
Exactly what I want
I'll have it before I say goodbye
Just loosely living life

Every time I close my eyes
I end up in the Summer skies
Flying over paradise
Yeah, and every time I go to sleep
I end up in a lucid dream
I can do any I can do anything
And maybe I'm stupid

Sometimes when I wake up
I think - uh-uh
I sit up and wonder
*rambling* every body under
Sometimes when I wake up
I sit up and wonder
Anyone out there
Anyone ever tell about me
Sometimes when I wake up

Let me try that one more time
Can I just listen to it though?
(Sometimes when I wake up, I sit up and wonder)
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