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One Below Lyrics

Domo Genesis – One Below Lyrics

When I talk about my son
I get overjoyed with emotion
But I feel empowered
Because, I tell you
When I first looked into his eyes
I knew he would be something special
He was so bright and so funny at the same time
I said there would be a day
When I would share him with the world
I just didn't know when
And that day has come, it's now
And I couldn't be more happy for him
I'm so proud
He's something special and I'm glad
He's getting a chance to show you what he is
Because I saw it a long time ago
I got you, no matter what
I'm there for you
And, um no matter what obstacles come your way
Always remember that you are gonna be you
And no one else can take that away from you
Remember that the stars and the sky is the limit
And once you reach those, you keep going
Just keep going and never look back
Because it belongs to you, it's your time
And I would always say that to you
Just always reach for the stars
So, I want you to know that I'm always gonna be
The wind underneath your wings
I'm gonna be the water underneath your bridge
I'm gonna be the bullet in your Glock
If you know what I mean
That means that I just got you, no matter what
So reach for the stars, as I always tell you
Spread your wings and sore
Bye-bye baby boy, time for lift off

Yeah, uh

Still floating through the city like my uncle's ghost
Give him a glimpse of who they love the most
I'm blunted, whoever they wanted, I ain't running over nothing
The blood that my heart is pumping is one below
We play this game, no one has repercussions
Took some losses, see where I faltered
And learned some lessons from it
My momma say I must be blessed or something
The same gift that got me paper, I be stressing from it
Remember jumping in cribs, thinking what drawn in rims
It wasn't all BT but this is just how I live
See, Imma take all of mines, if they got nothing to give
'Cause lack of inspiration had me chasing broken ideas
See, I was aggravated, blind pacing my mind unaware
That being lost would be the place I would find my ideas
I was a shoe fit, lucrative, new little nigga
I been through the blues groove
What couldn't you do to a nigga?
From what we had, this looks beautiful, nigga
If we had the end of day, I'd ask Krit to save room for a nigga
My life story gotta be worth somebody's time
This much weed, I need to breathe
Keeping my lungs on the line
Don't kill the vibe, I just begun to unwind
If they won't let me free my mind, then fuck it
I be comfortable dying
This hustle, only thing I knew from the start
All alone, singing this song in my heart

I feel so lost, yeah
I feel so lost (I feel so lost)
We are so far (we are so far)
We got so far to go
I feel so lost
I feel so lost
I feel so lost
We got so far to go
We are so far
We are so far
We got so far (I feel so lost)
I feel so lost

And I wear my heart on my sleeves
It's been a while since I felt like I was part of a team
I feel like so apart, just trying to stay a part of this league
He weather heavy pressure, y'all fall apart at the seams from
I see why my grandfather drinking, that Seagram's
'Cause life ain't easy, remember momma had to scream it
And caught two busters to take her son
To get the teachers, then hopped on another to graduate
There's some seeing some
House, still working job, fortunate we eating
So telling me I can't? Fuck him, I can't believe it
'Cause I never thought a million years
Would bring us to this region
Lost a couple, want to rob but my focus still on the leading
Never caught me finding me, what distances me from the team, shit
And no matter what we've grow through, I love you dudes
I mean it
Smoking on that green, cause the path ain't always scenic
Learn from where I lack at, cause nobody's a genius
It's just some shit you gotta say, I'll break your heart in pieces
Trying to bottle it, call my own path, I don't follow shit
So far to go and feeling out of it
If this what comes from being lost, then I'm proud of it

Oh, oh
I feel so lost
Why we gotta go so far?
Why we gotta go so far?
Why we gotta go so far?
Oh, oh
Hey, hey, hey
Got so got got g- got so far to go
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