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Creepshow Lyrics

Domo Genesis – Creepshow Lyrics

[Verse 1: IDK]
I might just pull up on your bitch for the hell of it
Speaking of hell I told my past I was celibate
But celebrated last night after fuckin' a bad dike
She rode my dick until she lost a wheel just like a bad bike
Pray 'cause that ain't God like (God like)
I smell pussy, you niggas Ja like
And I don't mean the DMV talk I mean a nigga with the Cookie Monster sound bite
Which nobody accepted that his singing didn't sound right
He's still a legend though
Is Ashanti still fine or is she very, very old?
You never fuckin' know
Some women age like J.Lo or age like Whoopie Gold, again you never fuckin' know
So I'ma keep it on my toes and never wife no ho
Jump on my stick like a motherfuckin' pogo
This shit that I spit could drench the fuckin' ozone
They don't get it, they don't get it
They motherfuckin' dodos
I'm with my nigga Domo, he's more West Coast than lo-lo
Sittin' on 64's
He got like 64 reasons to give you lyrical fo-fo
I'm in an M-Beam, a normal Beamer is a no-no
You say you got a foreign, but your foreign is a Volvo

[Verse 2: Domo Genesis]
This is what you fuckin' like, shit I keep you up at night
This is what you wanted right?
Never in your fuckin' life
I'm scared off of no shit talkin'
[?] chopin' your wig I got that slick talkin'
Get your fuckin' skin crawling
'Til death, destined to live
Have to revenge often
My heart black as a lit cig, the wrist flick killin' all in spite
Of a nigga just on some sick shit
I scrambled all of my life on some Michael Vick shit
I fled prolly tryna keep the Feds off me
Takin' to they head like I'm tryin' date a zombie
Lookin' half dead in the telly lobby
But I tell 'em don't you put that fuckin' evil on me Ricky Bobby
I'm a fuckin' fright-fair, a walkin' nightmare
Don't you ever go to sleep, bitch, I'm comin' right there
Energy is different, feel it in the night air
I'm a dirty motherfucker in some ugly Nike Airs, like

[Outro: Chip tha Ripper]
Somebody watchin' every minute
I can feel somebody watchin' every minute
Every minute, ever minute, every minute, every minute
Walkin' to my car feelin' timid
I think there's somethin' lookin' at me every minute
Every minute, ever minute, every minute, every minute

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Songwriters: Dominique Marquis Cole
Creepshow lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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