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BBB Lyrics

Domo Genesis – BBB Lyrics

Holla at ya boy

[Verse 1]
My swag ugly like Lonzo Ball's shoe
But it's all looks and niggas [?] when I fall through
I'm a dog like Charlie Zelenoff
I'm looking for a spar, unite it all
Watch me stuff your memoirs inside a cigar
I'm getting blazed in your memory
Crush these weak niggas like: ha, sheesh, give me energy
My whole fleet moving with mystique, that's that synergy
Lame niggas talking like they made in the spot light looking finicky
Y'all bore, I'm more American Horror Story
You bore my words like paranoia to a porch warrior boy
Not in my category
Running that weak fade like Joe Torre
I'm in the clutch where niggas worry, shit I'm Robert Horry
And this some weather (?) shit
Protect your neck and get your chest split for your necklace, young and reckless

Ayy, ayy
Get that chest split for that necklace, young and reckless

[Verse 2]
I don't know where I come from with all this shit I be thinking
But you not seeing me, you motherfuckers keep dreaming
My heart froze solid like I'm some kind of anemic
Stick my fingers down a trap like I'm some kind of bulimic
Swear my fingers stay itchy, I don't need no glove
And if ain't about the money nigga we don't budge
Still from the mud, I'm from the scummy, I don't need no love
All my family can't stand if you don't bleed no blood

[Interlude 2]
I was hitting it like huh...

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