Some chewing gum and candy, some magazines and snacks,
Some startin' over money that I've been holdin' back,
A change of clothes and notepad to write a letter back to say so long
A one-way ticket sayin' good-bye to everything
Threw my weddin' band out the window of the train
All I want's my freedom, reclaim my maiden name
I'm movin' on 'cause I'm gone

You can tell the truth or you can lie
You can say I left you or I died
Say I'm in the Himalayas on some spiritual quest
And could spend years lookin' for the light
Say I'm in the witness program with the F. B. I.,
Say a you. F. O. Abducted me from home
You can say what you chose, but I tell you the truth
You can say for sure I'm gone, 'cause I'm gone

You think that you're above me, like I'm not good enough
You make me feel unwanted, unwelcome and unloved
You're selfish, vain and greedy
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I'm Gone Lyrics

Dolly Parton – I'm Gone Lyrics

Songwriters: DOLLY PARTON
I'm Gone lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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