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Nine To Five Lyrics

Dolly Parton – Nine To Five Lyrics

Tumble Out of Bed and Stumble to the Kitchen;
Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition,
And Yawn, and Stretch, and Try to Come to Life.
Jump in the Shower, and the Blood Starts Pumping;
Out On the Street, the Traffic Starts Jumping,
With Folks Like Me On the Job From Nine to Five.

Chorus: 1,3,5.
Nine to Five, What a Way to Make a Living;
Barely Getting By,it's All Taking and no Giving.
They Just Use Your Mind, and (Depending On Verse) "They Never Give You" Or
"You Never Get The" Credit; It's Enough to Drive You Crazy, If You Let It.

Verse 2
They Let You Dream Just to Watch Them Shatter;
You're Just a Step On the Boss Man's Ladder,
But You've Got Dreams He'll Never Take Away.
In the Same Boat With a Lot of Your Friends;
Waitin' For the Day Your Ship'll Come In,
And the Tide's Gonna Turn, and It's All Gonna Roll Your Way.

Chorus: 2
Nine to Five, For Service and Devotion;
You Would Think That I Would Deserve a Fair Promotion;
Want to Move Ahead, But the Boss Won't Seem to Let Me.
I Swear Some-times, That Man Is Out to Get Me.

Chorus: 4,6.
Nine to Five, They've Got You Where They Want You;
There's a Better Life, and You Dream About It, Don't You?
It's a Rich Man's Game, no Matter What They Call It;
And You Spend Your Life Putting Money in His Pocket.
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