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Nothin Like Me Lyrics

Mustard – Nothin Like Me Lyrics

[Hook: Dom Kennedy]
He might have the cars and the clothes, always wear gold
But that nigga ain't nothin like me
He might have a watch and a strap, a nice Cadillac
But that nigga ain't nothin like me
He might have the internet buzz, a plug on the drugs
But that nigga ain't nothin like me
He might get cheque after cheque, but ya panties ain't wet
Cuz that nigga can't do it like me

[Verse 1: Dom Kennedy]
We got bottles but no cups
I'm like Russell Simmons but he don't fly coach much
Niggas went from eating cold cuts to Ruth's Chris
To pulling up in some new shit, they like who this
LA on my hat, that's a known fact
So you already know where I be
And when I get old, I want to have hoes
Like my motherfucking nigga YG
Westside get the money, so you niggas is all talk
My girls looking all good, they asses is all soft
My cars all black, ya ride like a mob boss
But that's not the reason that she taking them drawers off
In fact, I never ask her shit like where you at
Because anywhere she go I'm pretty sure she coming back
Let her find out that all these other niggas wack
And you insecure niggas trying to rap


[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]
Wait nigga hold up
These niggas come to town, start wifing my old sluts
I told her go down ya right to the toe touch
Then reach around for me girl, grab both nuts
Talk about real niggas, I been one
Naw them cars cost 100 and then some
Eating on dim sum, blessed with income
Seen Mustard Benz, shit I might get one
But if you ridin' passenger, I ain't even mad at ya
Two years ago, shit I was in the Acura
On me, this OpM shit spectacular
Had a south central ass nigga out in Africa
In fact, I put the westside on my back
And told her I'm goin' take her everywhere on the map
Throw a big party watch them hoes throw it back
Tell them get home safely that's a wrap

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